On May 29, 1998 the first CEFgrant applications were approved for $2,402 for 7 teacher programs.

Title Teacher School Amount
Children’s Park Lynne Dunn Longstreth $500
Science Fiction Frank Klose Klinger $300
Tastes of Asia Robert Stremme Longstreth $150
Continent of Asia Keely Mahan McDonald $500
Craven Hall Woody Martin Willow Dale $250
Latin Club Molly Leahy WTHS $323
Homework Wiz Kathryn Dusen Davis $379

In 2017 CEF awarded approximately $110,000 to programming for our students including:
$32,000 from Educational Improvement Tax Credit Funds, $60,000 from the sponsors of the Centennial X program and $24,000 in grant awards

The most telling statistic of all is not the money raised or awarded, but the number of students impacted by our programs. In 2017 over 7000 students were impacted by the programs that happened in our Centennial classrooms. So while CEF has raised almost $1,000,000 over its 21 year tenure, more importantly, we have helped impact the educational lives of over 200,000 students.*

*This data is based on approximate numbers of students impacted over the years and approximate funds raised


We are proud to sponsor grants that take children from the school classroom to the experimental classroom. We work jointly with Home and School Associations to help bring programs to schools and to support programs that necessitate a different atmosphere for learning.

Titles of Past Grants Awarded

CEF Grant Application

In order to apply for a mini grant you must complete the following grant application: